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We Love Raleigh and Heres Why You Should, Too!

Our team at Society Real Estate loves living in & serving the Raleigh Real Estate market!  As the capital city, Raleigh is seriously a special place to call home!  We have the benefit of being close to the beach and the mountains. Therefore, it’s easy to satisfy someone’s love for either vacation destination.  Raleigh offers a wide range of activities for any interest. We have museums & art festivals, professional sports teams, concerts, the theater, tons of parks, and a thriving foodie scene.  Whatever your hobby, we’ll have an event you’ll love here in Raleigh!

Raleigh isn’t all fun and games though! We’re consistently ranked among the top cities for economic growth, jobs, education, & quality of life. With it’s close proximity to the Research Triangle Park (RTP), Raleigh is home to some of the biggest tech & health companies in the world.  Companies such as Bayer, GE, Cisco, & GSK are all based in RTP.  We’re also world famous for our universities and hospitals.  Duke University, University of North Carolina, & North Carolina State University are all based in and around the Triangle.

Whether you’re from the area, or relocating, our team of local market experts are focused on implementing the best strategy to achieve your real estate goals!  We can’t wait to help you realize your dream of calling Raleigh home! Start your comprehensive home search with us below!

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