As a business consultant, a national speaker, REALTOR, author, entrepreneur, and creator of The Ageless Home ™ – Valerie has a passion for helping people find a home that fits their needs at every stage of their life.  She would often hear during her travels as a speaker how people felt stuck or restricted in their house.  As a real estate agent, she listened to the same concerns.  As a business owner, she often heard the frustrations of employees about their living conditions and family struggles.

Being a real estate agent brought Valerie front and center to the everyday reality of housing.  In 2015, Valerie looked further at what it would take to create better home designs that worked for all ages.  Many communities are being built, and homes are selling fast.  As Valerie would show these houses to clients, she was amazed the basic home design still wasn’t inclusive to everyone.  Even simple questions such as “Why are electrical outlets so low to the ground?” “Why aren’t the doorways at least 34″ wide?” “Where is the laundry room?” were prevalent.

Why aren’t we building houses that allow anyone, at any age, to function in it?  Less than 1% of our current housing inventory in the United States that is considered usable by all ages.

With over 30 years of experience in housing and healthcare, Valerie has a unique view when it comes to educating the consumer and everyone involved in the housing industry about The Ageless Home ™.  She followed her intuition.  Valerie merged two fragmented groups into one digestible solution.  That is educating the fragmented building industry and the consumer not only about a better design for all, but having a home that grows with you.

Click Here to read more! The Ageless Home ™ is a house that through design and product layout, allows anyone, regardless of age or ability, to function in it independently. ~A home for all stages and all phases of life.

Valerie Jurik-Henry is a national speaker on Aging (thriving) in place.  She is also a Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS), and a REALTOR.


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